Most effective colour matching

The identification of colour is a critical component in the professional automotive refinish industry. Speed and precision are essential for both customer satisfaction and bodyshop efficiencies.

For colour identification and colour matching, you can gain the benefit of our great expertise throughout the tinting process. baslac® offers you a comprehensive colour support package which will guide you quickly and effectively to find the exact colour you require.

baslac® Formula Finder – 24/7 mixing formulas within a blink of an eye


The baslac® Formula Finder is an up-to-date and comprehensive online colour information tool for all manufacturers. It allows your spray painters quick access to a formula database containing more than 60,000 mixing formulas. Just fill in the relevant fields in the clearly structured user interface, and the requested mixing formula will appear on the screen within a blink of an eye. The database is constantly being kept up to date. The baslac® Formula Finder can also be obtained on CD for use on the PC. Combined with the interfaced baslac® scales, mixing colour is easy and effective!

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baslac® Global Color Finder – the best color tool in the market


The baslac® Global Color Finder is simply the best colour tool in the market. The practical system consists of more than 2,600 colour chips used for solid-, metallic- and pearl-colours.

All decks within the system provide accurate identification of every leading vehicle manufacturer's colour reference. By using the  baslac® Global Color Finder you save time and material. Fast colour matching is guaranteed, even when the OEM reference is unknown.

baslac® Tinting Chart – a very helpful poster


The baslac® Tinting Chart is a very helpful poster showing all topcoats and basecoat mixing bases. Pictograms provide your spray painters with information on colour groups, colour bias, face and side view as well as purity and chroma.

baslac® Mixing Machine – to make your working day easier

A smartly designed working station, modular for every shop size. A robust and reliable machine with low-demand for maintenance.

baslac® e-finder star

A new level of colour matching efficiency

Fast, easy, accurate - the new hand-held colour retrieval instrument baslac® e-finder star makes colour matching more efficient than ever.
Your benefits: better colour matching, faster repair times and higher profitability.

baslac® e-finder star fits seamlessly into your bodyshop workflows and supports fast and accurate use of baslac® Formula Finder, the global baslac® colour database.