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baslac® offers you an overall modern solution to do all refinishing jobs on the car quickly and with best results. As part of BASF, a leading global manufacturer, baslac® provides reliable colour competence, excellent product quality and a modern, e-oriented customer service.


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baslac® provides you a lean and easy to use range of high quality refinishing products at a cost effective price. The specially designed portfolio offers all the products required to complete a professional repair with outstanding results.

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The identification of colour is a critical part of professional automotive refinish. Our baslac colour tools are comprehensive and easy to use to help you quickly achieve the best results.

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In the late 90‘s, Anthony Crea and his mate Braith Pejkovic started their careers as apprentice panel beaters at Hubbard Smash Repairs, in Seymour, Victoria.

This was the beginning of a long working career for the two, who have been working together ever since. “Braith bought Hubbard Smash Repairs and it became Body Tech in 2005,” said Anthony who then purchased the business from Braith in 2015. “Braith still works here but we’ve swapped roles so to say. We were all friends before we were employees.”

While many things have changed in the industry over the years, Anthony says the one thing that is constant is the need for talented apprentices and qualified staff, in an industry that offers many great opportunities for growth. “I think stability would have to be the greatest opportunity. When you get into the trade and become a good tradesman you will always have work,” said Anthony
Over the years Anthony added to his panel beating skills by upskilling and learning the spray painting trade, a development he says was needed to keep up with industry needs. “As vehicles progress our repair methods have to keep up with it, the industry has become a lot more professional, not just in our shop but in the trade in general.”

To stay up to date with these industry developments and ever changing customer’s needs, Anthony recently invested in a new spray booth and other equipment to boost the efficiencies of his business. With this upgrade, he also switched to BASF‘s baslac® automotive refinish system, a brand which develops, produces and markets a high-quality range automotive refinishes.


“We were approached by Darby’s and BASF, we had a good meeting and dealing with the team was really good. We found that conversation really easy and we knew we would get good service and it was a good product, that swung our decision,” said Anthony.


“We were painting a car ourselves at the time [with the baslac product] and we were super impressed and we have not turned back,” said Anthony, adding, "the product is so high quality and user friendly, plus the service that comes along with it, is hard to argue with.”


While automotive waterborne refinish technology is not new in the Australian market, Anthony openly admits that as someone who has  traditionally used solvent refinish, he was aprehensive to make the switch. “We were skeptical to use waterborne in the beginning but I have to say the paint has been fantastic, it is so easy to work with. I think more than anything when you get a good product and you are confident in that product you naturally want to pass that information on.”

Now Anthony says, he wouldn’t ever go back, “The colours are good, we love the Fast Finder system, it is awesome, it takes the guess work out and you know exactly what the end result is going to be before you even put a cup on the scales.”

When asked to choose a stand out product Anthony adds “We love the [baslac] high gloss clear, it leaves an amazing finish and have to say that’s the one we love working with. When it comes out of the oven it doesn’t move and it is right to go onto the detailers.”

  • ian_peacock.jpg

    I would estimate it has knocked a third of the cost off our paint bill, maybe more.

    - Ian Peacock, Peacock Smash Repairs, Wodonga, VIC Australia -
  • gerry.jpg

    Using a quality paint system that you don't have to worry about, that's why we choose baslac."

    - Gerry McGillicuddy, Muirs Prestige, NSW, Australia -
  • adam_stokmanis.jpg

    baslac is a good, solid system to use and we dont have to spend too much time on colours.

    - Adam Stokmanis, Bumper Pro, QLD, Australia -
  • anthony.jpg

    baslac is high quality and user friendly, plus the service that comes along with it is hard to argue with.

    - Anthony Crea, Body Tech Smash Repairs, VIC, Australia -
  • testimonial_-louisautobodyrepairs.jpg

    baslac, affordable and user friendly. Puts a smile on our faces as well as our clients.

    - Louis & Terrence Pearson - Louis Auto Body Repairs - Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, RSA -
  • kopf.png

    We find baslac to be a cost effective solution for our business. The quality of the paint is great and we find the Fast Finder system makes life much easier in the paint shop

    - Frank Spagnolo – Westfield Auto Body Repairs - Fairfield, NSW, Australia -