Training solutions

Body shops are always working to tight deadlines. This means that every task you perform has to be perfect. baslac has developed an online platform that's a database and training center in one. Spray painters and body shop owners can use it to find qualified answers to their questions right away.

Technical Data Sheets and Information Charts

All technical information about baslac at a glance.

Tech tips from baslac

5-Minute baslac @ YouTube

Dive into 5-Minute baslac, a dynamic video series packed with tech tips and frequently asked questions from customers. Each fast-paced episode delivers advice and practical hacks from our technical manager in just five minutes, making your baslac experiences smooth and smart.

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Our support solutions

baslac training

Modern 24/7 support that just makes sense

baslac gives you the easiest and fastest assistance and support whenever you need it. Our FAQs give you a complete overview of baslac’s product range and processes, from preparation and color identification to mixing and polishing to health and safety in the bodyshop. Get the right information faster and maximize your confidence in your repair processes.

Discover our support tool for CV

Specifically designed to help our CV painters, the Technical support tool CV 30 will make sure they find qualified answers to their questions right away.

5-Minute baslac | 80-30 Additive Plast

We are proud to announce our new video project: 5-Minute baslac! Our technical manager Ronny Raeymaekers will share product information, technical details, skills, and frequently asked questions all within 5 minutes! Enjoy our first video on the new 80-30 Additive Plast.

5-Minute baslac | 40-440 vs. 40-450

We always receive a lot of messages and questions regarding the differences between the baslac clearcoat 40-440 and 40-450. In this episode Ronny will explain the differences between the two and will give some tips on how to use them. Enjoy!

5-Minute baslac | 65-10 Blend in process

Did you know that it's very important to do cleaning before blend-in? Before showing the complete blend-in process, Ronny will show how to properly clean your panel first, and after that he will demonstrate how to do a good blend-in!

5-Minute baslac | Cleaning

Cleaning is a very important step before any repair process. Ronny will tell you the cleaning products in baslac portfolio and will share tips on using them. Want to know when and where to use our product? Watch our 4th episode of 5-Minue baslac!
baslac technical details

Technical information at a glance

Our technical data sheets are the easiest way to find information on the main process steps and corresponding mixing ratios you’ll need to get the job done.