baslac Primers

A good paint job starts with good preparation. The baslac range of Primers follow this principle by allowing you to create the ideal base to complement any of the baslac Topcoats or Basecoats.
baslac filler

baslac Primers

Meet every demand

Knowing bodyshops have ever increasing demands from types of substrates, to types of repairs, the baslac undercoat portfolio is broad enough to meet every demand, without needlessly adding to your inventory.
baslac primer

baslac Primers

Discover our Primers

Baslac_1L_20-24_50206943 Kopie.png

baslac 2K PUR Primerfiller System

20-24 /-34 /-94 2K Primerfiller

  • Very effective 2K PUR baslac® rigging system
  • Medium grey, black and white
  • Very good environmental resistance
  • Fast drying and short drying times, in addition to wet on wet application


baslac 4L 25-30 Primerfiller 52886357.png

baslac 2K Primerfiller EP

25-30 2K Primerfiller EP

  • High finish baslac® 2K Epoxy Primerfiller 
  • One product for all repairs
  • Excellent anticorrosive properties
  • Can size: 4L
  • Hardener 55-10 EP
  • 60-20/-30 Normal/Slow



Multi-Purpose Plastic Adhesion Promoter

21‑10 1K Plastic Primer

  • Easy, safe and fast baslac® Multi-Purpose Plastic Adhesion Promoter
  • For all paintable plastics on used cars


Baslac_1_5KG_2-20_50465904 Kopie.png

12-20 Universal Bodyfiller

12-20 2K Universal Bodyfiller

  • Coloured in light grey
  • Easy application and sanding
  • For all types of metal, aluminum or galvanized repairs
  • For use with hardening putty, mixing ratio 3%


baslac 4L 27-10 Washprimer 56012032.png

baslac 2K Primer / Primerfiller

27‑10 2K Washprimer

  • Easy and quick to use 2K baslac® rigging / for aluminum and galvanized layer
  • Very good sanding properties


Baslac_3L_20-35_50533266 Kopie.png

2K Primerfiller

20-35/ -95 Wet-on-Wet

  • Non sanding Surfacer​
  • Good and fast drying time (20 min before basecoat application)​
  • No sanding needed before topcoat and basecoat​
  • Good adhesion, can be applied directly on e-coat without sanding​
  • Can be overcoated up to 5 days without intermediate sanding​
  • Grey shade mixing with 20-95 black​
  • ​Mixing ratio 3:1:1



2K Primerfiller

21-11 2K Plastic Primer VOC

  • Suitable for all plastic repairs
  • Good adhesion on all plastic used in car production
  • Able to use as wet on wet solution and sanding version
  • Applicable under all baslac topcoats
  • Mixing ratio 4:1:1 / Hardener  50-15 / Reducers  60-10, 60-20



Plastic Primer

21-20 Plastic Primer

  • Adhesion promoter in aerosol can
  • Suitable on all plastics
  • Needs to be covered with baslac undercoat 20-
  • Needs to be well shaked before usage (approx. 2 min)
  • Flash of 15 min before undercoat application


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