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baslac® is there to provide you with effective assistance and support whenever you need. For questions about the baslac® products and the repair process you get here quick and easy answers - 24 hours a day. The thematic groups of our FAQ give you a comprehensive overview of the baslac product range and processes: from preparation to color identification and mixing to polishing and health and safety in the Bodyshop. Thus, providing you the confidence in repair processes.

Why doesn’t BASF provide color chips for baslac?

The color retrieval process is more accurate and allows you to search from the entire color database including service formulas.  You are limiting your search by using color chips.

Could BASF provide standard chip only?

The color retrieval process is faster and more accurate using our retrieval process verse using color chips.  The accuracy of the spectrophotometer is in the high ninety percentile for trained technical.

Why do I have to make the library that other paint companies provide color chips?

The color retrieval process we train to offers a much superior color match.  Your spray out cards for your library are sprayed with your paint equipment in your environment.  Paint chips are processed in a lab environment.  

What is the accuracy of the color retrieval process?

With proper training the accuracy percentage is in the high 90’s.  The key is to follow the process; Sand and polish panel, wipe clean, take reading, and understanding how to read results.

What happens if my spectrophotometer breaks?  How would I choose colors?

There will be a loaner program if your spectrophotometer breaks, needs repair, or needs to be calibrated.

What happens if my BASF computer crashes?

Baslac utilizes a cloud format and in the event that the BASF computer is not working, the painter can utilize any computer within the shop.  However, the Spectrophotometer drivers would need to be installed.  Additional, baslac offers color lookup online that a painter could access via mobile phone.

Why do I need to polish the vehicle prior to scanning?

Polishing eliminates all defects and fading which allows a better measurement.  By polishing and cleaning the light will be reflected properly. 

Can I use WiFi? And what if the WiFi goes down?

You can use WiFi.  You would have to plug device via USB to transfer measurements.

The spectro only process will take me longer to choose colors (I am a commission painter and I cannot spend time matching colors) 

Actually, an individual can be more faster and accurate utilizing our color retrieval process.