baslac Base and Topcoats

baslac offers both waterborne and solvent borne basecoat systems. Both provide the best possible finish for all solid, metallic and pearl colours. They’re easy to apply and come with perfect colour matching support. baslac basecoats also have outstanding hiding power.
baslac basecoat

Base and Topcoats

baslac topcoats are designed with performance in mind. The high solid, pigment system creates good flow and covering power. They offer a fast drying finish together with perfect hardness and polishing properties. Colour matching is accurate and there’s a great range of colour support tools to make the process even easier.

baslac 45 basecoat

baslac Basecoat 45, a user-friendly waterborne system

Basecoat 45 baslac waterborne basecoat is a user-friendly waterborne system. It’s easy blending, excellent spraying & levelling behavior releases significantly less emissions and creates a healthier environment in the workplace.
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baslac 35 basecoat

Basecoat 35, an easy and fast solution

This baslac Basecoat is a fast and easy solution for solid, metallic and pearl colors. It provides great hiding power and low material consumption. Get the best color match with the baslac color tool and Global Color Finder.

baslac 30 topcoat

baslac Topcoat 30, effective with great hiding power

Baslac 2K Topcoat is a very effective topcoat with excellent hiding power. Application is very easy and safe no matter what the temperature or object size.

baslac 30 topcoat CV

baslac Topcoat 30 CV, great for large surfaces

baslac 2K Topcoat CV is VOC compliant and perfectly matched with Line 30. You only need one mixture with pre-thinned hardener. It’s easy to use and fast drying with good levelling and high gloss. It’s especially great for large surfaces such as buses.
30 CV

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