baslac Putty

Discover baslac Putty, the trusted choice for automotive refinishing professionals. Engineered with precision and quality in mind, our putty delivers reliable performance and seamless repairs. Perfect for filling, molding, and priming surfaces, baslac Putty ensures a smooth and durable finish, every time.

baslac Putty

Drying the hood

Fast drying

Get back on the road quicker. Our formula dries rapidly, minimizing downtime and accelerating your repair process. 

Taking sand paper

Easy to sand

Effortless finishing, every time. Say goodbye to tedious sanding sessions. Our putty smooths effortlessly, saving you time and effort while achieving a flawless surface.


Good adhesion

Strong bonds, superior results. Trust in our putty's exceptional adhesion to surfaces, ensuring lasting repairs and reliable performance.

baslac Putty

Discover our Putty

baslac Putty 12-20

baslac Putty

12-20 Universal Bodyfiller

  • Coloured in light grey
  • Easy application and sanding
  • For all types of metal, aluminum or galvanized repairs
  • For use with hardening putty, mixing ratio 3%


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